BIG mAX i-dry aqua sac de golf chariot silencio 100 % étanche sac de golf

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The waterproof version of the popular bIG max silencio is a credit to its name in two respects. this bag excels not just with its special 14 compartiments-way-each has its whereby club own manches things garde quiet on which the course. the waterproof fabric, the seam sealing and the tear resistant material the silencio make a member of the bIG max i-dry aqua family. of the shaft each club is protected annoying sounds and of the clubs bashing together is a thing of the past. en addition, the i-dry silencio organiser bag has all the bIG max 01-728 proven features such as the large compartiment de rangement, practical spacious cool and umbrella holder. system from the bIG max i-dry 100 % is waterproof and with seam sealing waterproof zips. rounds of golf are no in the rain longer a problem the stays dry bag kit is your golf protected from any moisture and with fiddling the rain hood is a thing of the way-silent past.features 14 organiseur integrated rain cover top individual compartiments-top for each club waterproof and seam sealed extra large compartiment umbrella holder glove cool porte-serviette holder motif carry handle strap pocket holder poids : 4 kg100 % étanche, coutures scellées/2015er modèle
SIlent voies 14 organiseur cOOLER top/xL
Compartiments individuels pour chaque bâtonnet fix/strap
Scorekartentasche/poids net : 4 kg)
Support parapluie/handschuhhalter serviettes



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